Trees provide numeorus benefits to humans, and this is why many home owners are now deciding to put trees and plants in their area. Just like humans, your trees also need care. In fact, they need to have a special care treatment in different seasons especially this summer. Trimming, watering, treating them with pesticides (natural or chemical), pruning and fertilization are just some of the maintenance we need to do fir our trees. Some homeowners do these by themselves while others opt to hire some trusted tree services like Tree Removal Houston.

The following are the tree tips you can do to keep your trees and plants happy and healthy in this summer:

Water your trees and plants the right way, with the right amount of water.

While it is ideal to plant a new plant during spring or fall, you can also do it un summer. However, plants especially new sprouted plants need to be watered consistently because the hot sun makes the water evaporation quicker than the usual. During its first development, your plant will need a lot of nutrients to establish its roots, making it more vulnerable to any type of damage in its environment. This is why deep watering is recommended especially when it is summer. Trees, in general, need an average of one inch of water per week.

Help your trees to cool down

Too much heat can cause damage to your plants. While watering your plants and trees help them cool down while providing them their food, the materials that surround your plants can also help them cool down. Likewise, the hardscaping materials that surround the can also intensify the heat. You can opt to some decomposed granite. This material effectively makes absorbs more heat and reflects it. You can also try making use of structures, glass, block walls, water surfaces and other materials that help absorb and reflect sunlight during the hotter months of the year.

Fertilize your plants

Another way of keeping your plants healthy is to provide them a good fertilizer with proper amount. It is important to keep them healthy as they are proposed to damage during summer. Fertilizers can provide the proper amount of nutrients that your plants need. This helps them support leaves and stand against insects’ bites and diseases. Trees located in a more stressful environment like tree in urban or suburban areas need more fertilizer than trees in rural places.