When doing business, it is imperative to get that good first impression from clients and customers for this could be the indication for a great partnership and great deal in the following days. For most people, getting this first impression is difficult because the initial meeting is probably the most challenging feat in doing business and negotiations. However, mastering this can provide several benefits for you and your business.  




To help you with this problem, we interviewed some professional entrepreneurs some tips on how to have that great first impression and it is necessary.  


1.Do some background research 

Before you meet and connect with a potential partner and client, do some background research of them. This might include their personal information, family background, their hobbies, their business, and all information you can gather about them. This will provide you ways on how to communicate with them better. Likewise, this will also show them that you are interested in them as potential future business partners.  


2.Practice your elevator pitch before the meeting 

An elevator pitch is something that an entrepreneur should say before engaging fully into business discussions and negotiations. This can also involve a pre-planned introduction that one can use to make connections.  


Not knowing how to start the business conversations effectively will get a negative impression from the client and customers.  


3.Have a neat, clean environment for the meeting 

When the meeting will be held at your building, make sure that your building is clean and well-organized as this affects how a client perceives your methods on managing your business as reflected on how you manage your area. It is recommended that you hire companies like professional cleaning services for interior offices and commercial pressure washing services to clean outside’s walls and roofs. 


However, if the meeting will be done at a certain place outside your company, ensure that the place is neat, clean, convenient, functional, and have crews that are friendly as this can lighten up the mood during your business discussions and transactions.  


4.Go straight to the point and explain what you can offer 

Business associates are busy people; they give high regard to people who would take up some time in their hectic schedule, and this is why you need to make every minute worthy. Go straight to the point after your elevator pitch and discuss with them what is the problem and how you and your company can help. 


5.Tell them your achievements and the process involved in obtaining them 

Business people know the difficulty in the industry and they love to hear successful stories from their partners. This is also the right moment you can share with them eloquently your passion, culture in your business, and the mission your business has. This is a good way to connect with your business partner in terms of business goals.  


6. Be enthusiastic and authentic 

No one likes to talk with someone dull. This is the reason why most entrepreneurs are enthusiastic when it comes to meetings and negotiations. This also shows that you value them as partners. Also, be authentic with your connection. Remember, they are also keen on sniffing bad intentions.